My Education History

For grades k-8 I attended St. Albert the Great Catholic Grade School. My parents Clem and Marian were founding members of the parish.
I still remember the names of some of my grade school teachers.

From 1958-1962 I attended the all male Chaminade High School. The first year I was in the regular classes. However in my sophomore year I was moved to the advanced classes and although I was with the advanced students I and my grades dropped to the bottom of the class. Brother Zahn was my nemisis as I struggled with algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. I was one of the top two students in German class with Father Weisner.

I was a member of the booster club where I learned the arts of sign painting and silk screening.

Aerial View of UD Chapel
UD Chapel
In the fall of 1962 I entered the University of Dayton as a Math major in their fledgling Computer Science program. There was only one computer science professor, Brother Thomas Schoen. He taught me my first computer programming language, ALGOL. ALGOL ran on a Burroughs 220 vacuum tube computer that filled an entire science laboratory in the basement of Sherman Hall. The classroom above the science lab contained all the peripherals that communicated with the computer down stairs.
B220 I/O Peripherals
B220 I/O Peripherals

In the spring of 1964 I flunked out of the university from skipping to many classes and playing eauchre in the Student Union.

I returned to UD in the Fall of 1969 as a Mechanical Engineering Major. Dr. Howard Smith was the department chair. I graduated with my bachelors degree in the Spring of 1972.

In the Fall of 1972 I entered graduate school at Clemson University as a Mechanical Engineering major in their fledgling Bioengineering program. However, their program was more rigorous than what I was used to so in the Winter of 1973 I returned to UD to finish my graduate degree. In the Spring of 1974 I graduated with my Masters degree.